Founded in January 2016, Premium Airport Services is the new key-player in the airport world.

Premium Airport Services - View from an airportOne mission, one passion 

As air traffic continues to grow and the geopolitical context is increasingly sensitive, Premium Airport Services intends to meet the new airport sector challenges in terms of service security and quality. We ensure the optimal management of staff, services and security of all passengers. Passionate about our profession, we work very hard every day so that aircrafts can connect to their destinations with peace of mind, taking on-board satisfied passengers.

Our top priority ? Passengers

At Premium Airport Services, your passengers are ours.We have built our range of services to meet the overall expectations or airline companies and airport operators in order to satisfy their passengers.We ensure their full support throughout their airport route.

Premium and complementary services

Premium Airport Services has developed a range of complementary services that best adapt for clients to find an accomplished service, tailored to their needs.We have particularly developed a business aviation service that meets the highest demands in terms of service quality.

The financial strength of a large group

Premium Airport Services is a subsidiary of the GORON company, one of the oldest private security company in France. Therefore, it receives recognized expertise and solid financial strength. This stability allows us to respond to the most demanding clients, no matter their size or needs.


It all started with the meeting of three passionate professionals. Specialists of premium services in their own areas, they are motivated by development and innovation : Eric Chenevier , President of the GORON company, Vincent Bourgeois and Virginie Auriol recognized experts in the world of airport services.

Vincent BOURGEOIS – Managing director

Vincent BOURGEOIS has dedicated his whole career to airport security.

In May 1994, he was the first to post security operators in the air terminal Orly Sud, to replace the Air and Border Police civil servants. Following September 11 attacks, he actively took part in the recommendations enacted by the International Civil Aviation Organization and the Directorate General for Civil Aviation.Director of Worldwide Flight services, he has founded the gourp airport security subsidiary. Courted by different companies, he then developed the airport activities for the group Samsic, and later on for the group Atalian.In 2016, by taking the lead of Premium Airport Services, Vincent BOURGEOIS is bringing his 25 years of expertise to airline companies and airports.

Virginie AURIOL – Director of the Airport Services Department

Virginie AURIOL is expert in the aviation industry professions.

In 1991, she joined American Airlines, where she was at first a station agent. She then quickly joined the commercial service and later on customer relationship, before becoming the Premium Services manager, in charge of the airline VIP services and lounges.

After 17 years spent within American Airlines, Virginie AURIOL took over the administration of an employment agency specialized in the air sector. In addition to interim placement, she took part in the complete training of various teams on behalf of airline companies.

In January 2016, armed with a detailed knowledge of the air sector needs, she joined forces with Vincent BOURGEOIS to create Premium Airport Services.


Service excellence

Attentive to our client needs, we are working very diligently to build with them a long-term trust-based partnership.

We honour our contractual commitments with reactivity, availability and involvement. Honesty and a sense of responsibility are at the heart of our whole operation system.

Care for our employees

Passionate about the air sector and proud of our professions, we put our employees well-being at the heart of our concerns in our company management.

Our entire human resources management policy therefore rests upon:

  • Respecting and promoting our employees
  • Establishing a mutual trust between our customers and our teams

Premium Airport Services - woman in a terminal


Premium Airport Services activities fit into a sustainable approach, respecting social, ethical and environmental values: combating discrimination and social exclusion, waste management sustainable procurement, etc.

For more information, please read our CSR report.