The Interim department immediately meets your needs in security, assistance or other personnel. They are qualified and operational for stations or within companies.

  • Setting up and maintaining a pool of qualified personnel, trained to airport activities, such as: station agents, ticketing agents, baggage complaints agents, luggage handlers, security officers, lounge and reception hostesses, cabin crew, supervisors, commercial assistants, etc.
  • Automatic check of the validity of mandatory titles and training (papers, software, badges, authorisations) required for various missions. Internal or external tests to evaluate candidates.
  • Placement activity (head hunter) for all professions related to air transport or aeronautics (agent, engineer, operations manager).

Our approach :

  • We provide a complete recruitment service for permanent employees.
  • We adapt profiles to best fit to your criteria and requirements.
  • Carefully listening to our clients, we create a real trust-based partnership, highlighting our business expertise to serve our clients.
  • Thanks to our adaptability, we can meet the most diverse demands.

Premium Airport Services - interim department